Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities in the world, and many have fought to rule it: the Egyptian pharaoh Rameses, King Solomon, Richard the Lionheart, Napoleon, the Ottomans, the officials of the British mandate, and ultimately the modern State of Israel. In recent years, the Tel Aviv municipality’s considerable investment in Jaffa has  transformed this ancient city into one of Israel’s most luxurious and rapidly developing regions. Jaffa’s urban areas have been rejuvenated, preserving the historic heritage of its centuries-old buildings while also giving them a fresh new image. Hamidron (Jaffa Slope) Park and the entire Jaffa port have received major “facelifts” to become two of Israel’s leading tourism, culture, and leisure hot spots. The bustling flea market has also been upgraded, and new boutique hotels, an Israeli-Turkish cultural center, and grandiose residential projects are beginning to spring up in the area. Together, these factors easily explain the marked increase in demand for housing and commercial space in this picturesque city.